Due to COVID-19, please allow up to 5 business days for your order to process and ship.


What is the tensile strength of the bands?

Small Loop Bands:

Light: 15-30 lbs

Medium: 25-40 lbs

Heavy: 35-60 lbs

Extra Heavy: 45-85 lbs


Long Loop Bands:

Light: Up to 28lbs

Medium: Up to 45 lbs

Heavy: Up to 70 lbs

Extra Heavy: Up to 120 lbs


I never received an email confirmation, did my order go through?

-Most likely your email was entered incorrectly. Please email us at hello@cristinacapronfitness.com with the name the order was placed under and we will do our best to find it and update your email address.


This product doesn't suit me, can I return it?

-Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or exchanges so please keep this in mind before purchasing!


My package never arrived and it says it was delivered.

- Sometimes USPS marks packages as delivered prematurely. Please give it a couple business days to see if your package shows up. If it still doesn't, email us at hello@cristinacapronfitness.com and we will file a claim for you.


I entered the wrong shipping address at checkout, how can I change it?

-Please email us ASAP at hello@cristinacapronfitness.com with your order number and the correct shipping address and we will do our best to adjust it before it has shipped. Please triple check before checking out because we are not always able to get your address adjusted in time.


My product has arrived damaged, can I exchange it for another?

-Don't worry about sending it back, email us at hello@cristinacapronfitness.com with photos of the damage and we will have another shipped out!


My tracking isn't updating, where is my package?

- Email us at hello@cristinacapronfitness.com and we will help you locate your package.


Is there a warranty on bands?

-Unfortunately since these are workout equipment and put under stress during each use, we are not able to replace items that are beginning to wear. 


How do I wash my bands?

-We do not recommend putting them in the washing machine to ensure their longevity. Try removing stains with a damp cloth first but if you must use a washing machine, wash them on cold and DO NOT place them in the dryer, let them air dry.