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Nutrition Guide

Nutrition Guide

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I get asked almost everyday for diet tips or if I sell a nutrition guide so here it is! Everything you need to know to get on track with a healthy diet. Please do not let this overwhelm you, I know it is a lot of information but take it one day at a time and it will get easier. 


This nutrition guide includes:


-Supplements I use and what they do

-How to find a happy balance between healthy eating and treating yourself

-How and what to eat to reach your goals

-Meal prep tips

-What macros are and how to calulate and track them if you are interested

-Ways to incorporate more protein into your diet

-Good pre and post workout snacks/meals

-How often to allow yourself a treat meal

-Grocery shopping help

-My typical grocery shopping list

-List of ingredients to avoid

-An average week in my food diary

-Meal suggestions for each meal of the day. Instead of telling you exactly what to eat, I give you suggestions so this is vegetarian and vegan-friendly but may not be as helpful.